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Music Monday Elia Berthoud

Elia Berthoud is a singer and songwriter with a passion for smooth and atmospheric electronic pop and indie pop music. Originally from Zurich, Switzerland Elia has always had an affinity for art, music, and culture. After working in Milan, Italy as fashion model and photographer, where he worked for clients including Vogue Italia, Calvin Klein, Lanvin and Gian Paolo Barbieri he got the chance to work in other countries in Asia, Africa and North America. Drawing inspiration from the time spent traveling he finally decided to relocate to New York City where he began to write music as well as teaching himself to produce his first songs. In 2019, After finishing his first project with the support of Grammy winning producer and mixer Bob “Bassy” Brockmann, he released 2 additional EP’s independently. His song “heal” caught the attention of Joey Harris, who decided to work with and prepare Elia for a new era of his music. In January 2020 Elia co-wrote 3 singles with the Grammy nominated producer Drew Scott, two of which have been released and the latter which is up for release in January 2021. His last four singles have all reached the top 25 of genre specific iTunes charts and his self produced single “RUN!” reached number 26 of the Top iTunes charts.

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