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Music Monday Richie Chance

Born into a theatrical family, Richard Chance has been surrounded by talented artists his entire life. Chance was born in Santa Monica to Larry and Bobbie Chance, legendary acting coaches who founded ‘Expression Unlimited’ and taught some of the greatest celebrities of our generation. His birth was announced in Variety Magazine! Chance has grown up in an environment of mythological proportions. As a young prodigy Richard Chance grew up in an environment where he watched and learned from Sir Anthony Hopkins and many more (Please look at photos). Since the age of four, Chance has been a professional actor: watching, learning and working with the some of this generations greats. As an instructor, Chance has 10 plus years under his belt as an acting coach. His credits include work within Disney, Nickelodeon, House and others… Today he has reached out to maximize his relationships within the industry in order to begin work as a full time producer. He is currently producing the feature film “Prodigy” as well as co-starring in the film with Taylor M. Graham. He is also involved in the T.V show “Raising Prodigy” as a producer. He has a significant number of projects in the works where will he be producing and starring in all of them. Richie will be playing the lead in a film that sits close to home. Written by his father, Larry Chance and to be directed by his mother, Bobbie Shaw Chance, “I Love Hollywood” is a film that relates very much to his life as an actor and acting coach. If there was a method to the way that Chance acts it would be called Expression Unlimited. He grew up on and still applies these three fundamentals, 1) dedication to the work. 2) Commitment to the role. 3) Total and complete elimination of the need for personal gain. Richie Chance has a big part in the Abused Children’s Foundation. A process called The Healing Arts, games and improvisation helps emotionally and physically abused children. He shares his love of acting with the children through comedy and improvising.

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