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Music Monday Ricky Sixx

Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, DJ Ricky Sixx was exposed to a plethora of different varieties and genres of music (raised on the post-punk, punk, and industrial genres of the ’70’s and ’80’s while being a child of the ’90’s). Now, in Nashville, TN, Ricky Sixx brings you music from all over the world (pictures, right, with Nicky Romero, and DJing at Play Louisville).

Since making his first official club debut at Play Dance Bar in August 2012, his unique style for music has broadened, incorporating a large assortment of variety; ranging from house and dance in the US, to electro-industrial and Eurodance, to Asian remixes and rock mixes, incorporating a wide assortment of genres of electronic dance music and beyond, including remixed music videos to give a visual ambiance along with the audio experience.

It wasn’t until 2013 when Ricky garnered his first official residency at TSC (a social club based in Nashville). The following month, he was invited to host a two-hour radio mixshow for CARDIOfm, based out of Louisville, KY (2013 to present). Following the same flow, he later began doing mixshows for on Friday nights, along with three other powerhouse DJ’s from the Music City.

Starting in March 2015, Ricky has frequented the Winter Music Conference, helping conduct interviews with music producers, DJs, singers and divas for and At WMC 2016, Ricky caught the ears of the crowd with his set for the Turn Table Masters Mash Up at Señor Frogs in South Beach. Being the opening DJ for the event, he set the mood for the crowd, as well as opened the night for some big-name DJ’s and singers (Klubjumpers; pictured left, Dark Intensity, Emii, Liz Scott,

Dominic King, DJ Sama). In 2018, during music week, he and his DJ mentor (DJ RonS), performed in a tag-team DJ set at Hunters in Wilton Manors, Florida; a Ft. Lauderdale suburb.



Currently, Ricky is based out of Chicago and has become a traveling DJ, making frequent guest appearances at Greg’s Our Place in Indianapolis, The Lookout in San Francisco, The Port Bar in Oakland, and Icon in Kenosha, WI. He also holds many radio shows on various international stations. His music video and remix video editing has allowed him to create videos for various major artists and fashion businesses, as well as independent artists.

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