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Music Mondays with Chris Fosh

OMG Collective

is a London-based Creative Enterprise and Record Label, founded in 2011.
The owner, Chris Fosh, is a singer, rapper and songwriter. Since its inception, OMG Collective has served as a hub for singers, songwriters, producers, musicians and poets, with the goal of bringing their talents together to create beautiful, high-quality writing and music that people will enjoy.

OMG Collective is constantly on the hunt for new talent, serving as a platform to develop and introduce different artists to the world. While OMG Collective features ever-changing faces, the desire to create authentic, meaningful and fresh music remains consistent.

You can expect the sound from OMG Collective to be one that is freeing, crossing genres, borders and cultures. It is music that you turn on in the morning for a great start of the day and music that you can relax to in the evening with friends letting all your worries go. Whenever you listen, you’ll find yourself shaking your booty to uplifting music and positive lyrics. OMG Collective are exactly what the world needs now.

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