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Music Mondays with Debbie Wingham

Debbie Wingham

Debbie Wingham is a world-renowned multimedia artist. She started her career in haute couture, went on to swap fabric for fondant and conquered the world of sugar artists. She was dubbed “Countess of Confection” by Food Network, and is one of the top ten cake artists in the world, and she is ever-evolving…

Nowadays, Debbie is best known as the “Queen of the World’s Most Expensive”, if you can name it, Wingham has probably created a diamond variation of it. To date, she has created a quarter of a billion dollars’ worth of “World’s most Expensive’s”. Most of which were created for clients or power brands looking to grab the attention of the global media. She is a self-confessed advocate for over-the-top, larger-than-life installations, and switches between art forms constantly. So, her audience never know what she will do next!

Debbie has a global following and has been featured on more than 70 TV shows and 100 magazine covers. In fact, in autumn/winter 2022 she even has her own show created for Amazon, Roku and Apple TV. It will follow her on the trials and tribulations of creating out-of-this-world installations, along with showcasing the lives of the rich and famous.

She is one of the few artists in the world to be celebrated for so many different art forms, whether in silk, metal, emu eggs, chocolate or even oil paint. She often features upcycled materials and is a leader in Eco -Luxury. Some of her esteemed pieces include the black diamond dress, red diamond abaya, World’s Most Expensive shoes and bag. She even carries the accolade for the World’s Most Expensive Christmas tree. Her work goes viral regularly and her average media return per activation is between 500,000 – 1.5 million USD.

After becoming famous for creating a series of the world’s most expensive items, including objets d’art, shoes, dresses, accessories and even cakes. She made the transition into the world of fine art in 2021 and revealing the first of many pieces from the critically acclaimed ‘Drip Series’

Inspired by her first love of fashion and taking into consideration the shifting backdrop of the fickle industry that it is. She decides to bring a hint of sarcasm to modern day status symbols and give them a new silhouette. One that is becoming synonymous with the Wingham name, The drip effect. Influenced by her admiration for surrealism artist Salvador Dali.

The first piece in the drip series was the Birkin-inspired ‘drip bag’ ; it was intended as a one-of-a-kind piece in solid gold for a client in Abu Dhabi, but she soon saw the potential for a diffusion range. Using numerous finishes and its ever evolving, to mark its 1-year anniversary Wingham has followed up with her take on the Classic Chanel purse and even a high top sneaker making the range less feminine.

Already the Drip series has been featured on the BBC, CNN, RTL, E! Entertainment, in the Daily Mail and New York Post to name a few.

Some of her clients include Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Ferrari, Kempinski and Accor Hotel Group. Her most recent creation was for the summer of 2022, where Wingham was appointed the ambassador to Puerto Banus, the European playground of the uber rich. Wingham curated the ultimate social media backdrop, to keep the famous harbour relevant in the social stakes and generate global attention. Her sponsors included Samsung, Ferrari, and Rolex.

After The Million Euro Mural launched, Wingham did a fashion revamp and included the style pop culture icon Kim Kardashian, in the form of a hyperrealist painting. It was so fabulous that Kim K requested it was donated to her favourite charity Represent Justice, and it will be auctioned later in the year.

Wingham donates a lot of time and effort to numerous charities, more often than not centric to children, as a mother of three girls herself. She also gifts high value prizes for auctions, her most recent being 70,000 USD for a charity established by Antonio Banderas, a Spanish charity also in aid of children with various disabilities. She also has an event fast approaching with the British Royal Family, which fights against people trafficking of women, and woman who have experienced abuse and require shelter.

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