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Music Mondays with Stonebridge

Interviewed by K-SYRAN!

Do you still snog?

But of course, when the vibe is there – gotta be done 🙂

Please tell me about your first/ or big love story in 3 words

Big, Adventure, Discovery

Is there a special song that will take you back to that moment?

10cc – I’m Not In Love

How much do you think music influences one’s love life?

Very much. A song can sort of bring back a whole scene or episode and every time you hear it, you remember that special moment.

Are there any of your songs that are dedicated to your first/or big love?

As I’m not a lyricist I don’t involve my own life stories in my songs, but I do have several songs written in a special time that takes me back when listening.


Do you think the intimacy of dance is important?

Well, there are several types of dancing – when I was young, you sort of hoped there was a slow song or ballad coming up so you could dance, holding tight. And yes, that was intimate!

How did you get into dance music?

I was out clubbing a lot and bought the big tunes on vinyl so when my sister had a graduation party and needed a DJ, I was assigned as I ‘had a lot of records. I then got all her friends’ graduation parties and got hooked, started a club in Stockholm, met other DJs and before long, we set up a remix company called SweMix. A few years in, I got my first big hit with my remix of Robin S’s – Show Me Love and the rest is history.

Is there one of your songs you are more proud of than others?

I’m proud of many of them, but the lifespan of that Robin S remix is just insane!

What are you working on now?

Just finished new remixes of my ‘You Can Have It All’ track coming out in a few weeks and now working on a co-write/production with an LA-based singer that is insanely cool!

How does the word « music » make you feel?

It’s everything so always a good feeling!

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