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Music Monday with UNEEKINT

Josuph C. Foster, to the world known as the artist Uneekint, life began with diverse complications. It started in Portland, Oregon on February 7, 1986, where upon his birth he was pronounced deceased due to complications during his mother’s pregnancy and at child birth. He miraculously survived; yet more tragedies followed. At the age of 8, Josuph was involved in a horrible accident when his school bus went over the median and caused the bus to roll a few times, being hit multiple times by oncoming vehicles. The children inside had to fight for their lives to escape the wreckage. Josuph lost consciousness for a while, but after coming to, was able to stand up and walk away knowing full well his guardian angel was there with him that day. At age 13, he was forced to leave home. Homeless and riddled with peer pressure to join the street family, to protect him from the wars of the street, Josuph became a bully.

At the age of15, Josuph had his guardian angel protecting him once again. A semi-truck smashed into his friend’s car catapulting Josuph out the window and against a tree. After the accident, his angel helped him spread his wings allowing him to get on his feet and get his life together. He knew the course of action he was taking in life, at that moment, would only put him in the grave. He wanted to live. That’s when he decided to leave the street life and begin his venture into music. He decided to create music and let this newfound journey take on a drastic, yet positive turn. Mr. Foster has always had a strong passion for music. This led him to practice and study hard every day to get to know the fundamentals behind music. By the age of 16, he started recording and developing his own unique style that no artist has every touched so far. Feeling alone, with no one at his side, no one to confide in, he picked up his pencil and lost himself in lyrics. Through his music, he is able to tell his story, sharing his deep emotions as he felt so many times before.

Uneekint had to hustle to make the fee for the studio. He wanted to be heard. He had weathered so much in his life thus far that no matter what, he would make it happen. So he began washing windows, cleaning floors, etc. he would humbly do anything he was asked as he knew this was his destiny. He worked hard every day.

What makes you so special? He replied, “My life God has given me back and my music I love so dearly. I was raised and left to die in the streets.” Uneekint chose to sing, write and produce doing musically just what works for him. He has gained the listener’s ear, reaching over 1 million fans and followers. He has collaborated with many and still keeps improving. Currently with works on his own label, NewLiveProductions, and has published works through Monie Power Records, Soul Shift Music, The Orchard/Sony as digital distributed artist. Yes, he knows his journey is going to be long and rough, but Uneekint will look forward to stepping on every stage and leaving behind his legacy.

Uneekint wants others to know that good music is out there. If you put your mind to it, no matter what the accomplishments you are trying to achieve, they are only fingertips away. Uneekint has worked with many artists to help build their brand. At age 19, he was signed to the label Bust A Beat Records as an EDM artist, but decided to move forward with his own productions.

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