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Music Monday with YAS Vocals

Yasmine Majdi AKA YasVocals is making waves in the worlds of pop music and content creators and has no plans of slowing down. She is a singer, dancer and beauty/lifestyle enthusiast. Majdi never fails to surprise and entertain her audience with something new and exciting, and her journey until now has been really impressive. Popularly known for her multipotentialities, the sweet, generous and full of life Majdi has evolved from being a pop artist to a style icon, influencer and full-time content creator in a snap of time.

At the age of just 21, Yasmine has already made her way onto three billboards for Adidas, Mai Dubai, and YOOX. She also owns a studio named ‘Yas Music & Dance’ in Dubai, where she teaches dance and organises dance workshops and special masterclasses with celebrity choreographers. However, her journey to being one of the top creators in Dubai was no moonwalk.

The talented singer started her career when she was 15. Yes, you read that right! She recognised her passion for singing when she first auditioned for an LA talent agency. For being the melodious star that she is, she got selected for further projects, but unfortunately could not be a part of them due to her financial situation. But that did not stop her from achieving greater heights as she continued striving to create more opportunities for herself and her fellow artists in the community.

Majdi then stepped into the world of content creation by posting engaging vlogs on Youtube along with the fresh content that she keeps bringing up on her Instagram which is so full of sass and pop. With her consistency in providing her loyal audience base with something to be hooked upon, she landed herself work with many big brands like Lenovo, POCO and Adidas. For Adidas, she worked on the campaign #impossibleisnothing, which featured few of the most influential and powerful women and she was an essential part of it.

One thing we can’t stop talking about is the music she makes. It is definitely any pop enthusiast’s dream playlist. She started out in the world of art, and since then has branched into so many other creative outlets that it’s hard to keep up! Her audience has followed her every step because she is a creator who showcases a life she believes in. That makes it clear that this fast-rising content creator is just getting started.

With that being said, she has received immense love for her last few music videos. But that’s not it! Yasmine has a few more singles coming this June, and after witnessing her zeal to create, we are super excited to see her forthcoming project.

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